CRM software for call centers, telemarketing, sales by phone, surveys, appointment setting...

Some agents who are happy probably because they use OriGn, Grupo 77's CRM  software for call centers.

Complete CRM features

Full database design

By means of OriGn's versatile Visual Database Manager you will be able to fully design the data entities that the tasks to carry out in your call center require, as well as all their fields and indexes.

The Visual DB Manager directly accesses the robust and efficient database server Microsoft SQL Server, in a totally seamless manner. Thus, no knowledge of database administration is required to design with precision the structure of the data needed by your call center or contact center.

The data that you design will be integrated with OriGn's core, which will allow the total interrelation between the CTI and call management features and your specific needs, again seamlessly; that is, without added difficulty.

Visual DB Manager of OriGn, the software solution for call centers and telemarketing.

Visual design of database forms

When you design the data structure with OriGn's Visual Database Manager you will do so visually, creating the data entry forms at the same time that you enter the fields that make up the database.

Designing a data entry form with OriGn, the software application for telemarketing.

Contact details

Natively, OriGn includes a predefined set of data entities for each campaign/process/task, which you can tailor to your specific needs by adding new fields and indexes.

The Contact List, in particular, stores the information of your contacts (customers, users, subscribers, potential customers...) and you will be able to adapt it to your needs by adding, for example, as many phone numbers, postal and/or email addresses, etc. as you require; as well as any other kind of specific data that you need to conduct your work.

Contact History

In the Contact History, OriGn—the CTI and CRM software solution for call centers, telemarketing, sales by phone...—stores the calls and interactions corresponding to each contact, either made to it or received from it, regardless of their outcome. The data related to each call that resulted in a specific interaction (the information entered by the agent) stays linked to it.

Agents can see, if you so choose, quickly and easily the history of the contact they are talking to, so that they can know at all times the interactions done with it, whether they were carried out by that particular agent or by any other, and which ones remain still pending.

CRM-CTI Integration

The close integration of OriGn's CTI and CRM functionalities means, for instance, that:

  • OriGn can call to as many telephone number fields for each contact as you create.
  • Each contact can be in one or more queues of pending or future calls or interactions. OriGn is in charge of managing these queues, so that each contact is called or each interaction is conducted at the planned time.
  • You will be able to define in which circumstances a certain contact does not have to be called again, so it will be removed from all queues, although it will remain stored and you will be able to reactivate it at any time. You will also be able to perform this reactivation by selecting a group of inactive contacts that meet the conditions that you deem adequate.
  • You will be able to know how many times a certain contact has been called or has called, at what times of day, when the calls were answered, when they did not, and any other such information regarding the outbound and inbound calls of this contact.

Processes and process control flow setting

The queues of future or pending interactions or calls are the foundation of the process control flow, which you will be able to configure with as much complexity as you require.

When designing the data entry forms you will be able to determine, in an aided manner or using a scripting language, into which queue or queues a certain contact has to be moved after the current call or interaction ends.

Given that each queue can be handled by a different group of agents, and that each contact can be in as many queues as needed, the process control flow can always meet your specific management needs, however complex.

Integration with your corporate CRM solution

And if you work with a corporate CRM software solution, OriGn can become as closely integrated with it as necessary, providing its full CTI power and becoming the perfect companion.