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OriGn, a true call-management software

A true call-management software

Built-in integration with most PBXs on the market

OriGn supports natively the main telephony protocols:

  • SIP: Avaya, Panasonic, Alcatel, Ericson, Selta, Siemens, Nortel, Samsung...
  • Asterisk AMI: Elastix, Trixbox...
  • Virtual PBXs.
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Predictive Dialer Server

OriGn's exclusive Predictive Dialer Server works with any of the aforementioned protocols and manufacturers.

You can see it in action in the following video.

Four outbound calling modes

OriGn can operate using four different calling modes. You decide whether to use the same one for your whole call center or to choose the most convenient one for each campaign/process/task.

OriGn's four calling modes are the following:

  • Automatic dialing with preview of the contact's data.
  • Progressive dialing.
  • Muti-progressive dialing.
  • Predictive dialing.

Inbound calls (call reception)

By means of OriGn's native and seamless integration with highly specialized call-routing middleware like cHar–for you it will be a feature of OriGn as any other–you will be able to:

  • Set the inbound-call routing as well as the working policy of the call queues.
  • Monitor the call queues, which, used in conjunction with the Monitor L!ve, will allow you to make decisions immediately.
  • Get reports on answered calls, calls missed in the mailbox, calls missed in the queue, unanswered calls, etc.
  • Get detailed reports on the activity of the agents: when they logged in or out, when they were in one or another activity state, aggregated times spent in each state, etc.

OriGn takes care also of logging agents in and out. They just have to click on a button.

In addition, OriGn—the CTI and CRM software for call centers, telemarketing, sales by phone...—identifies both the header number to which the contact is calling, so it knows to what campaign or department it belongs, and the calling phone number, so it shows instantly the contact's details (screen pop-up) as well as the appropriate data entry form to the agents.

Agents do not have to perform any search of any kind, and can focus on effectively serving the callers.

Integration with Asterisk

It is especially relevant the fact that OriGn integrates seamlessly with Asterisk, the most popular and widespread PBX open-source software framework.

SIP Softphone

If your PBX works over VoIP, you can benefit from all the features of OriGn's SIP softphone.

Call recording

The use of the SIP softphone that OriGn incorporates allows the recording of calls made or received by the agents. This recording is completely configurable:

  • Audio file format.
  • Tags for this file.
  • Full call recording or on-demand recording.
  • Physical location of the generated recordings, etc.

All these recordings are accessible through the contact history, by date, etc.

See the video below for details on OriGn's call recording features.

DTMF tone recognition

If your PBX uses SIP protocol, OriGn can recognize DTMF tones for inbound calls, which, in coordination with voice messages, permits, for example:

  • Data capture of supply meters.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by language.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by department.