Sales by phone software — Telesales application — Cold calling

Companies that use OriGn have the opportunity to sell more

Whatever you sell, sell more with OriGn

If you sell by phone, OriGn will become your best ally, whatever your business model is:

  • Cold selling of household products, courses, books, small appliances...
  • Cold selling of subscriptions.
  • Receiving calls from radio or TV campaigns.
  • Receiving calls simultaneously from radio or TV campaigns of multiple products.
  • Offering new services or products to a customer base.
  • Periodic selling of consumer goods: food, beverages, gifts to third parties, book clubs...
  • Receiving telephone orders.

OriGn integrates with your enterprise software application...

If you already have an enterprise software application with which you are satisfied, OriGn can integrate with it as closely as needed.

...or handles your orders entirely

Alternatively, you can profit from the power of the standard sales-by-phone campaign included with OriGn, which, for example, will allow you to:

  • Register your products, services, prices, customers...
  • Register and handle all kinds of offers and discounts: general, per customer, applicable only for a certain period...
  • Let agents enter orders in the same form where they have the sales pich and where they enter the rest of the details regarding each call.
  • Let agents consult at any time the order history of any particular customer, integrated with the call history, which includes both those calls that ended in an order and those that did not.

All this for a single campaign or business line, or for as many as needed.

The standard sales-by-phone campaign is extremely configurable, as much as you require.

In the following video you can see how this campaign works from the point of view of the agents.

In this second video the numerous reports and statistics included as part of OriGn's standard sales-by-phone campaign are shown.

Avoid agents' errors

Thanks to OriGn's fully guided data entry, your agents will never forget to carry out steps such as confirming the shipping address or informing customers about certain important matters.

Take advantage of OriGn's CTI power according to your business model

If you cold-call, what better idea than using OriGn's exclusive Predictive Dialer Server in order to maximize the number of contacts to whom to offer your products.

Alternatively, if your business model is based on inbound calls, OriGn will facilitate your work immensely.

And if you sell services that require the acceptance of an oral agreement, OriGn's call recording functions are ideal for it.

Send emails to your contacts in bulk

Just by having an email account, you will be able to send bulk emails to those contacts you decide, to let them know about your new offers or products.

The selection of the contacts to whom to send a certain email can be done by any criteria you want.  

Complete automation of call retries and follow-up calls

If your business model involves outbound calling, even when working in predictive-dialing mode, OriGn ensures that the follow-up calls are made on time, either by the same agent or by another one, depending on the configuration you decide in relation to the situation of the contact.

OriGn also handles the call retries you deem necessary, respecting the time slots that you can set and up to a maximum number of retries that you can configure for all the telephone numbers or just for those that have never been reached.

Live contact importation

Evidently, OriGn allows you to import contacts and their data from external sources. What is surprising is that you can do so while the campaign is being carried out by the agents.

The amount of time and headaches that such a simple detail will save you does not need to be pointed out. Or does it?

Call recording

The use of the SIP softphone that OriGn incorporates allows the recording of calls made or received by the agents. This recording is completely configurable:

  • Audio file format.
  • Tags for this file.
  • Full call recording or on-demand recording.
  • Physical location of the generated recordings, etc.

All these recordings are accessible through the contact history, by date, etc.

See the video below for details on OriGn's call recording functionalities.