Software for call centers and contact centers

At inbound call centers, OriGn assists agents from the phone ring

Call center team.

OriGn is the ultimate software solution when what is involved is to organize and control a group of people that interacts with one or more groups of contacts via telephone and/or on-line (website, email).

From a single application, you will be able to do everything, from designing with total freedom the database structure (by means of the Visual Database Manager) and the data entry forms (by means of the Visual Form Dessigner, to determine until the last detail the policy of the operations of the agents, the call flows, etc.

The heart of OriGn: The Agent Desktop

The key to the great productivity boost that companies using OriGn (pronounced "origin") benefit from lies largely in that it assists agents perfectly.

They learn to use our software solution for telemarketing and call centers in minutes as they carry out all their taks from a single place: the Agent Desktop.

If an agent is only receiving calls of one or more campaigns, that is, if he or she is not, at the same time, thanks to OriGn's call-blending option, making calls of another one, the Agent Desktop works as shown in the video below.

Automate agents' data handling

OriGn identifies both the header number to which the contact is calling, so it knows to what campaign or department it belongs, and the calling phone number, so it shows instantly the contact's details (screen pop-up) as well as the appropriate data entry form to the agents.

Agents do not have to perform any search of any kind, and can focus on effectively serving the callers.

Contact history

Agents have the possibility of seeing at all times the history of all the calls and interactions of all kinds that correspond to the contact they are talking to, in a list or accessing a specific one to check all its details.

If you use a corporate CRM solution

Of course, if you use a corporate CRM solution, OriGn is able to integrate with it so that the overall result is as perfect as that provided by the native functionalities of our software.

Call recording

The use of the SIP softphone that OriGn incorporates allows the recording of calls made or received by the agents. This recording is completely configurable:

  • Audio file format.
  • Tags for this file.
  • Full call recording or on-demand recording.
  • Physical location of the generated recordings, etc.

All these recordings are accessible through the contact history, by date, etc.

See the video below for details on OriGn's call recording features.

DTMF tone recognition

If your PBX uses SIP protocol, OriGn can recognize DTMF tones for inbound calls, which, in coordination with voice messages, permits, for example:

  • Data capture of supply meters.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by language.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by department.
  • Etc.

Adaptable to any type of campaign/process/task

With the software solution OriGn, you can integrate the totality of the processes that are carried out in your call center or contact center, no matter how different they are from each other, both in terms of the frequency of execution and concerning its operation.

Combining inbound and outbound campaigns/processes/tasks (call blending)

For example, in a call center whose main task is to provide customer service, outbound telemarketing campaigns can be easily integrated. These campaigns can be carried out by the same agents who are receiving calls in those moments in which all inbound calls are already being served.

As you can see, OriGn thinks like you: the best policy is to unite efforts and resources to achieve the greatest possible overall benefit.