Software for call centers, telemarketing, sales by phone, phone surveys... — Some success stories

Some success stories of OriGn, the software application for call centers, telemarketing...

Some success stories


CAT XXI, S.L. is the company that manages the call center of the Health Service of the Basque Country and has implemented OriGn to start a new line of business with outbound campaigns for insurance companies, surveys, etc.

Centro de estudios a distancia CCC

In its contact center of 70 positions, Centro para la Cultura y el Conocimiento, S.A. conducts student support and also handles those click-to-call requests that come in from its website.

Ideara Investigación

Ideara Investigación, S.L. is a company specialized in conducting phone surveys (CATI) which has several offices centrally managed.

CTI Tecnología y Gestión SA

CTI Tecnología y Gestión, S.A. is a service provider to clients in the financial sector. Permforms multiple simultaneous campaigns in their call center of about 100 positions.

Formación Integral a Trabajadores

Formación Integral a Trabajadores, S.L. is a company specialized in occupational training. It has a contact center of 45 positions for student recruitment efforts.


Phone Librohogar, S.L. owns a 24-position call center that performs multiple telesales campaigns of products as diverse as subscriptions to several newspapers, installation of home alarms, etc.

Many other

Proyección Creativa, Pida Business, Aplica Investigació Social, Bienestar By CSP, Producciones Antártida, Somontano Social, Verificalia, Promocudabes or Pro-age 2018, for example, are companies pertaining to different sectors that have from 3 to 20 agents using OriGn to conduct tasks such as appointment setting for their sales force, sales by phone of their products to their customer base, etc.