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A true Visual Database Management System

Visual DB Manager of OriGn, the software solution for call centers and telemarketing.

Sure hit: Easy to implement, easy to use

Sure hit: Easy to implement, easy to use.

The Visual DB Manager, which is part of the OriGn allows the organization, storage and retrieval of large amounts of data like any DBMS (Database Management System), but in a fully assisted and visual way. Reliable and secure.

You will enter the data that composes the tables (or entities) that you need, as well as the tables themselves, at the same time that you visually design the forms that access them, so you will perceive the whole operation as just doing the latter... And everybody knows how to design a form when to do so it is just necessary to follow these simple steps:

  • Determine which fields must appear on the form.
  • Determine what kind of data each one accepts: a line of text, a number, multiple lines of text, a date, one option from a list, etc.
  • Determine other of their functional characteristics, as if they can be left blank or not.
  • Drag every new field on the form, drop it where you prefer, resize it visually and... presto!

Effortlessly for you, the Visual DB Manager will take care of converting said forms into Microsoft SQL Server's tables, as that is the DBMS on which OriGn rests.

Tables/entities per campaign or department and shared tables/entities

Each of the organizational units into which your call center is divided (usually every campaign or every department) may have its own distinct data structure, to best suit its particularities, but you may also decide that certain key tables (or entities) are shared by all of them.

Easy data search

The Visual DB Manager ensures an easy access to the data, for you and your agents, through visual lists whose sort criteria can be set beforehand, although they may also be sorted dynamically by any of their fields.

Index cretion in the Visual Database manager.

Integration with the Agent Desktop

OriGn's Agent Desktop allows agents to access those tables (or entities) you decide, in a totally integrated manner with the data entry form corresponding to every call or interaction of any kind.