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OriGn, call answering through CTI integration

Call answering through CTI integration

How it works

The following video shows how the Agent Desktop—OriGn's process that agents use to do all their work—operates when it is only receiving calls from one or several campaigns, departments or tasks, that is, when the call-blending (combining outgoing and incoming calls) capability is not being used.

Automate agents' data handling

OriGn identifies both the header number to which the contact is calling, so it knows to what campaign or department it belongs, and the calling phone number, so it shows instantly the contact's details (screen pop-up) as well as the appropriate data entry form to the agents.

Agents do not have to perform any search of any kind, and can focus on effectively serving the callers.

Combining inbound and outbound campaigns/processes/tasks (call blending)

For example, in a call center whose main task is to provide customer service, outbound telemarketing campaigns can be easily integrated. These campaigns can be carried out by the same agents who are receiving calls in those moments in which all inbound calls are already being served.

As you can see, OriGn thinks like you: the best policy is to unite efforts and resources to achieve the greatest possible overall benefit.

DTMF tone recognition

If your PBX uses SIP protocol, OriGn can recognize DTMF tones for inbound calls, which, in coordination with voice messages, permits, for example:

  • Data capture of supply meters.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by language.
  • Redirecting inbound calls by department.
  • Etc.