CATI software — Phone survey application — Telephone interviewing

Your agents ask and OriGn does everything else

An agent who works on phone surveying (CATI).

OriGn more than covers the needs for designing and conducting telephone surveys of all types (sociological, political, opinion, satisfaction, market research, quality control...), since it integrates all the features expected in a true CATI software application, which is precisely what OriGn is, among many other things.

Fully guided survey forms — Avoid mistakes

Thanks to the fully guided data entry forms, your agents only have one option: to enter the data asked to the respondent correctly.

It is OriGn, not the agent, that decides which the next question to ask is, respecting scrupulously any data input flow that has been previously decided, however sophisticated.

What is more, the agent can always go back, if necessary, to a previous question to rectify its answer. The following already answered questions will be reused or not, depending on whether the new response changes the execution of the input flow. If it does, those questions no longer relevant will be discarded and new ones will be asked.

As a result, you will never find several mutually exclusive sections filled at the same time by mistake.

The Visual Form Designer

OriGn's Visual Form Designer provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerates the adaptation of OriGn to your needs, shrinking development time and costs to a minimum.
  • It can be used by our staff, for a reduced price, to carry out the necessary work to meet your needs and requirements 100%.
  • Or it can be used by your own staff to create as many projects or campaigns as wanted, if your business so requires.
Designing a data entry form with OriGn, the software application for telemarketing.

As you can see in the example image shown over these lines, the Visual Form Designer allows you, as the name suggests, to create visually data-entry forms.

These forms can incorporate all kinds of fields: Texts, Comments, Numbers, Dropdown lists, Yes/No, Encodings, Database look-ups, Dates, Hours and Check boxes.

It is also possible to integrate images, use different fonts, colors ...

Aided design of the data entry flow

Surveys of low or medium complexity can be designed in a fully guided manner, without requiring the introduction of a single line of code.

The following image is a screenshot of the Aided Entry Flow Designer.

Designing a question with OriGn, the software solution for telephone surveys.

Data entry flow design by scripting

Surveys of high complexity can be designed to the smallest detail with OriGn-script, the powerful scripting language unique to OriGn, which includes powerful native CATI functions.

OriGn's powerful scripting language specialized in survey designing.

Pitch integration

You can embed, if desired, the pitch previous to the survey in the data entry form itself, so that agents have a single source of information: OriGn.

Predictive dialer compatible with respondent quotas

Calling a large volume of potential respondents is key to complete the surveys with maximum productivity.

That is why the Predictive Dialer Server included with OriGn is compatible with the achievement of the desired respondent quotas.

The following video shows the Predictive Dialer Server at work.

Progressive dialing and preview dialing

If you believe, for any reason, that predictive dialing does not meet your needs, OriGn can work in progressive dialing mode; and even in data-preview dialing mode, in case that you want your agents to devote extreme attention to each of the calls to make.

Follow-up calls to complete unfinished surveys

Even when working in predictive-dialing mode, OriGn ensures that the follow-up calls are made on time, either by the same agent or by another one, depending on the configuration you decide in relation to the situation of the contact.

When the re-called respondent had left a survey unfinished but agreed to complete it at another time, its data is automatically retrieved and it can be resumed from the point where it was interrupted.

OriGn also handles the call retries you deem necessary, respecting the time slots that you can set and up to a maximum number of retries that you can configure for all the telephone numbers or just for those that have never been reached.

Live contact importation

Evidently, OriGn allows you to import contacts and their data from external sources. What is more surprising is that you can do so while the campaign is being carried out by the agents.

This detail will allow you to gain immediacy in contact management with the consequent saving of time.