Predictive Dialer Server — Predictive dialing software — Asterisk, Elastix, TSAPI, TAPI, SIP

The Predictive Dialer Server in action

Watch it in the video below and do not mind to be amazed.

The Predictive Dialer Server can make predictive calls through any PBX on the market: TSAPI, Microsoft TAPI, Asterisk AMI and SIP (VoIP) protocols.

From the agent's point of view

The following video shows how predictive dialing works in the Agent Dekstop, OriGn's process that agents use to carry out all they work.

Boost your call center's productivity

OriGn's Predictive Dialer Server increases call center productivity very significantly. The calls are made by a process that is independent of the agents' software and hardware and that handles its own lines and extensions. When a call is answered, it immediately transfers it to an agent that is free, to allow its proper handling.

To achieve maximum productivity in the call center, the Predictive Dialer Server is able to:

  • Make multiple simultaneous calls per free agent.
  • Make several simultaneous calls even before there are any free agents because statistically some are close to becoming free (predictive statistics).
  • Respect rescheduled calls that can only be handled by a specific agent (follow-up calls to close a sale in a sales campaign, for example).
  • Show continuously the live progress of all its activity in a specialized interface and generate statistics that can be analyzed later on.