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Sales calls appointment through intensive database explotaition and specific contact follow-up

Predictive Dialer: More calls = more visits

Since in most call centers dedicated to appointment setting it is key to make as many calls as possible, OriGn includes our exclusive Predictive Dialer Server. In the following video you can see how it works.

Integration with Google Calendar

Google Calendar's logo

OriGn's integration with Google Calendar will allow your salespeople to:

  • Be up to date at all times with the situation of their schedules, just by checking Google Calendar online.
  • Synchronize their smartphones' schedules in order to be able to check them offline.

Route optimization through Geolocation

OriGn's geolocation feature optimizes the sales force's trips. An intuitive interface based on colors presents the already programmed visits/appointments, showing their distance to the contact that is being served. Agents just have to select one of the free time slots and the appointment becomes set.

Reduction in traveling time between visits/appointments

OriGn's administrator can decide which distance range each color represents, and also the distance ranges where the salespeople can travel on foot and those where they would need a vehicle.

The administrator can also configure the available times to conduct the visits/appointments and get statistics per agent in order to know which agents place visits best regarding proximity to each other.

Screenshot of the geolocation feature of OriGn, the software application for  call centers.

Suggestion of convenient cold calls

Thanks to geolocation, OriGn can even suggest contacts located near a certain appointed visit to which cold call in person.

Live contact importation

Evidently, OriGn allows you to import contacts and their data from external sources. What is surprising is that you can do so while the campaign is being carried out by the agents.

This detail will allow you to gain immediacy in contact management with the consequent saving of time.

Complete automation of call retries and follow-up calls

Even when working in predictive-dialing mode, OriGn ensures that the follow-up calls to undecided or doubtful contacts are made on time, either by the same agent or by another one, depending on the configuration you decide in relation to the situation of the contact.

OriGn also handles the call retries you deem necessary, respecting the time slots that you can set and up to a maximum number of retries that you can configure for all the telephone numbers or just for those that have never been reached.