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"OriGn and Grupo 77's support will become an important competitive advantage for your call center."

"OriGn is the professional software solution for contact centers used by good professionals like you."

"A great professional as yourselve deserves the best help, exactly what OriGn and Grupo 77 will provide you with."

"It can't be for nothing that Grupo 77 has been developing software for 45 years."

"OriGn is the professional software solution for call centers that yours is needing to function better in all aspects."

"Your call center needs OriGn to increase productivity through a small investment."

"It is always a good time to improve. Improve now the performance of your call center and the quality of your operations with OriGn."

"Grupo 77 has spent 45 years serving companies throughout Spain and Latin America. OriGn is the fruit of all this experience."

"An achiever like you appreciates the importance of the professionalism that OriGn will bring to your contact center."

"You are a good professional that knows you must improve continuously to keep having success. Hiring OriGn to manage better and with less effort your contact center is your next step."

"OriGn will mark the beginning of a new stage in your call center, a successful stage of which OriGn will be the origin."

"A good decision is to rely on a product developed by a company with 45 years of experience and thousands of users in Spain and Latin America. A good decision is to rely on OriGn."

"Success is not a state of mind, it is a reality that OriGn and the support of Grupo 77 will help your call center reach."

"If you want your call center to finally work professionally, and without a traumatic transition, you need OriGn and the support of Grupo 77."

"OriGn is the software solution that is specialized in the comprehensive resolution of all aspect of any contact center, of telemarketing or another activity."

"Integrate OriGn into your contact center and be more successful."

"A contact center that is managed with OriGn is a productive and effective contact center."

"Integrating OriGn into your call center is a giant step in the right direction."

"Meeting targets is something at which OriGn is as good as you will be when you use OriGn."

"OriGn is the professional software solution for your call center that will never fall short."

"OriGn is the software solution fully specialized in call center management and has the support of Grupo 77, company that will provide you with a completely personalized service."

"Stop dreaming about working better, get OriGn for your call center, work better, earn more and sleep more peacefully."

"Your contact center is very close to working better and being more productive. You only need to incorporate OriGn."

"OriGn will represent the beginning of a new stage in you call center. A stage of greater performance and profitability. A stage of success."

"What your contact center needs is OriGn."

"OriGn is the professional software solution that solves completely the needs of such a complex industry as telemarketing, as well as those of any activity carried out from a contact center."

"Flexible, quick to integrate and very effective. So is OriGn, the software solution for your contact center."

"Telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, customer support... Whatever your contact center's activity, OriGn streamlines it and increases its productivity."

"Your contact center needs OriGn. We are sure of it."

"Calling, managing, recalling, pitching, selling, solving, rescheduling, archiving, consulting... All operations that your agents do with your contacts, OriGn streamlines and automates, accelerating them and avoiding errors."

"OriGn is the practical and effective software solution for call centers that is helping many Spanish and Latin American companies to work better and make more money."

"A great professional like yourself must be surrounded by the best assistants and assisted by the best tools. You must incorporate Grupo 77 and OriGn to your circle of trust."

"Logic never fails, and nothing more logical than to know that OriGn will adapt perfectly to your call center, because it has been developed by Grupo 77, who has 45 years of service to companies throughout Spain and Latin America."

"OriGn not only adapts to your call center operation and to the management needs of your contacts, but also accelerates its processes and boosts productivity and results."

"You need to manage your contacts better and with less time investment for each one, so to sell or produce more. You need OriGn and the help of Grupo 77."

"The shortest path between two points is a straight line. The shortest path between the current uncertainty and the future profitability of your call center is OriGn. Other paths may seem more bearable (cheap), but it's possible they are not even paths."

"A winner like yourself is characterized by making common sense decisions; and it is common sense that the professionalism and specialization of OriGn is what your call center needs to meet the demands of such a professional activity as yours."

"Your call center is a precision mechanism that needs all its components to be equally suitable and reliable. OriGn is the perfect software solution to become its backbone and its nervous system."

"When a strategic decision is clear, you must invest all the necessary resources in it. OriGn is the strategic decision that your business needs right now. It's very clear."

"You are an expert in dealing with the public and therefore will appreciate that OriGn is the right software solution to maximize the performance of your call center, and Grupo 77 the ideal company to help you do it."

"Good marketing, sales and customer service professionals, like yourself, know perfectly that the quality and optimal performance obtained with OriGn can not be achived with other simpler and not as professional tools."

"OriGn will allow you to care for each contact as if it were gold, because it is gold, but devoting the shortest possible time, because so is your time."

"Telemarketing and telephone management are activities that bring great benefits to businesses, but only if done with the professionalism, performance and control that OriGn allows."

"A call center that is modern and has a good future needs the flexibility and responsiveness provided by OriGn and the professionalism of Grupo 77."

"Like any good professional, you like being surrounded by good professionals. Therefore, the best alternative for your call center, doing telemarketing or any other activity, is to integrate OriGn and to have the support of Grupo 77's technicians."

"OriGn covers all the aspects that will increase the productivity and quality of your call center, from automatic or predictive dialing, to the complete management of the contacts and the actions taken with them."

"A professional call center, to improve its performance, needs a professional solution and professional support. A professional call center needs OriGn and having the service of Grupo 77."

"OriGn is a great product developed by excellent technicians and fully specialized in managing call centers. It's just what you need. If you do not see it that way, we have explained it wrong."

"You're a good professional and you know that only by using professional tools your company will grow in a solid and lasting way. OriGn is the professional tool your call center needs to obtain an essential improvement of its quality and results."

"OriGn is the sustainable evolution that your call center needs; it is to get more productivity through an investment that is more than reasonable."

"If after getting to know OriGn you DON'T decide that it is the tool that your call center needs, we must have explained something wrong, because we are completely sure that it is."

"OriGn's rental option allows you to have the professional tool you need for an affordable investment that will be profitable every month."

"You have a call center to manage and we have OriGn, the tool that will help you manage it better. Success is guaranteed."

"OriGn fits both large and small call centers. From a few agents to hundreds of them. For telemarketing or any other task."

"If only every decision were as simple as opting for OriGn for the comprehensive management and optimization of the call center!"

"OriGn's flexibility allows it to adapt to the needs of all types of call centers. The work of Grupo 77's technicians ensures that this adjustment is carried out 100% in each case."

"There are essential investments that should not be delayed. Even more so when amortized quickly. OriGn for your call center is one of them."

"A call center that already works well, like yours, will work extremely well when you incorporate OriGn in it."

"Not always the best solution is the one that best suits your budget, but in OriGn's case, this is indeed so. OriGn is the comprehensive solution for your call center, within your budget."

"When everybody else stalls, it is the best time to keep going. Give a crucial boost to your call center by adding OriGn and the support of Grupo 77, a 100% Spanish company with 45 years of experience."

"OriGn is the best addition to your call center. You will recover its purchase cost even before you learn about all its power."

"Optimizing the operation of your call center for telemarketing or any other activity starts by profiting from the help of OriGn and the 45 years of experience of Grupo 77."

"OriGn is a software solution specialized in the management of all types of call centers, that has been developed in collaboration with top experts in this field."

"Your call center needs the productivity boost that it will get by organizing, centralizing and executing all tasks with OriGn."

"You are a great professional that will know to decide that OriGn and Grupo 77 are the best help you can hire for your call center."

"The actions speak louder. Grupo 77 has been in action for 45 years already. OriGn is the most noticeable proof."

"A good professional like yourself knows for sure that you must count on a company committed to helping yo. Grupo 77 is such a company. OriGn, the fruit of its 45 years of experience."

"There are many call center software solutions, but only OriGn has been developed by a company with 45 years of experience."

"Working well is not a fad, but the minimum requirement for any call center or contact center to succeed. OriGn makes it easy for you."

"If you are looking to improve yours results thanks to a moderate and progressive investment, OriGn is the software solution your call center or contact center needs."

"OrigGn is the right software solution for your call center or contact center, be your activity telemarketing or any other, because it is able to adapt itself to it as necessary."

"At Grupo 77 we have 45 years of experience developing software thanks to the confidence of our customers throughout Spain and Latin America. OriGn is the fruit of this experience."

"Grupo 77 is a 100% Spanish company that's been serving companies throughout Spain and Latin America for 45 years. What better credentials could we have?"

"You are a great professional. OriGn is a great software solution for professionals like you. Together you will form the best possible team."

"Along with OriGn, you will get the service of an excellent group of professionals who understand perfectly the needs of a call center."

"Achiving the maximum performance of a call center's team is a complex task that OriGn and Grupo 77 will help you to successfully undertake."

"OriGn speeds up and improves the performance of your call center because it is a call and contact optimization software solution."

"OriGn continues to focus on the basics: it allows a call center to produce more with the same or fewer resources."

"The unified work environment that OriGn provides allows joining forces and quickly increasing productivity."

"OriGn coordinates and consolidates the work of agents, supervisors and managers, increasing the productivity and quality of your call center."

"Consolidate all the processes of your call center with OriGn and save money and troubles."

"In these changing times, OriGn brings stability to the company thanks to its adaptability."

"The marketplace changes rapidly, so it is key to have such a dynamic and flexible tool like OriGn."

"Call center management software solutions there are more than one, but only OriGn has been developed by a company with 45 years of experience."

"OriGn is both the lubricant and the quality additive that any good call center needs to function perfectly."

"OriGn is the professional software solution that allows to maximize the efficiency of any call center."

"The professional software solution for calls and contacts management."

"If your judgment tells you that OriGn is the best software for your call center, trust yourself."

"A good professional like yourself deserves the best help: OriGn, the key software solution for all kinds of call centers."

"OriGn is the call and contact management software that combines power, flexibility and friendliness."

"If you are still working with spreadsheets, it's already taking you too long to move to OriGn."

"Any call center is a complex work environment. OriGn simplifies it while improving results and quality."

"OriGn avoids human error without dehumanizing agents' work."

"OriGn is the productivity boost your company needs."

"New OriGn users don't need to adapt to it, because it's OriGn that adapts to them."

"Some call-center solutions become a captive additional cost, others are very limited, whereas OriGn offers power and freedom."

"OriGn is much more than software: Grupo 77 apply themselves 100% to each one of their customers."

"OriGn departs from the low-cost philosophy. OriGn is a high-profit and real-value software solution. OriGn works."

"Success does not usually come overnight. A key decision to succeed sometimes does. Hiring OriGn is one of those."

"OriGn has everything you need for your call center, especially the support of Grupo 77."

"Hiring OriGn is a step in the right direction that you will wonder why you hadn't taken before."

"A modern call center requires more productivity, control and professionalism. A modern call center requires OriGn."

"OriGn is what any software application should be, more solutions and fewer problems."

"The telemarketing and call-center software that best fits both the budget and the needs of the modern businesses."

"OriGn is the best technology for my team. And hassle-free."

"OriGn does everything your team needs, and does so in such a way that you'll find its operation natural."

"OriGn is not only the helm, but also the helmsman that any marketing or sales crew needs to succeed."

"OriGn is key for your business to achieve the hardest goal: stability."

"That OriGn increases productivity means that your team will produce more with the same (or fewer) agents."

"With OriGn, this is surely the year of the economic recovery."

"OriGn is the tool you need: you'll learn to use it quickly and it'll increase your productivity from the start."

"OriGn is flexible and effective because it has been designed by and for marketing and sales professionals."

"OriGn is a product that's easy to understand, because it's been designed focusing on users."

"OriGn makes your workers to be more productive, thus reducing your staff costs."

"OriGn is the fruit of Grupo 77's 45 years of experience in developing business software."

"OriGn is the software solution for telemarketing and call centers designed to help agents and increase their productivity."

"Purchasing OriGn means hiring the support of Grupo 77, a company that has been developing business software for 45 years."

"OriGn is a suitable solution both for small call centers and for large telemarketing companies."

"The operation of OriGn is as logical as practical, which can not be said of all software solutions".

"OriGn is more than a software solution, it is to have the support of Grupo 77's staff, who will unstintingly go out of their way for you."

"Math does not fail: calling more + reducing administrative times = earning more. OriGn makes it possible."

"If you are yet working from print-outs or spreadsheets and not much else, you urgently need OriGn to increase your income."

"OriGn allows agents to forget about administrative tasks and focus on their intelocutors."

"OriGn's flexibility is such that its deployment time in any company is just of a few hours."

"OriGn is an unapologetic software solution: it gets your call center to produce more and better; the rest are frills."

"OriGn provides a solid CTI foundation and the required tools to design any campaign over it."

"OriGn is a software solution for telemarketing, but also for sales by phone, and for phone surveys, and for customer service, and..."

"OriGn's Monitor L!ve shows in just one place everything the agents are doing in the call center."

"Agents—doing telemarketing or any other call-center-related task—that use OriGn for the first time learn to use it in minutes."

"OriGn provides the agent—doing telemarketing or another activity—with everything they need at every moment and doesn't limit them at all."

"OriGn sets the standard as an all-in-one and quick-deployment software solution for telemarketing and call-centers."

"Technology in Spanish and made in Spain for telemarketing and call-centers."

"Any call-center, doing telemarketing or any other activity, that wishes productivity and, at the same time, to control its costs needs OriGn."