Telemarketing Software — Application for Telemarketing

An optimal solution for telemarketing companies and departments

OriGn is the perfect software solution for telemarketing departments and  companies

OriGn's flexibility and its ability to carry out and control an unlimited number of simultaneous campaigns make it the ideal tool to completely manage any company or department dedicated to telemarketing.

You will be able to design, implement and monitor all your campaigns entirely from a single application.

OriGn's heart: The Agent Desktop

The key to the great productivity boost that companies using OriGn (pronounced "origin") benefit from lies largely in that it assists agents perfectly.

They learn to use our software solution for telemarketing and call centers in minutes as they carry out all their taks from a single place: the Agent Desktop. The following video shows his overall performance when it is being used to make calls in progressive dialing mode, even though it can also work in predictive, multi-progressive and preview dialing modes, as well as for answering calls.

The Visual Form Designer

OriGn's Visual Form Designer provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerates the adaptation of OriGn to your needs, shrinking development time and costs to a minimum.
  • It can be used by our staff, for a reduced price, to carry out the necessary work to meet your needs and requirements 100%.
  • Or it can be used by your own staff to create as many projects or campaigns as wanted, if your business so requires.
Designing a data entry form with OriGn, the software application for telemarketing.

As you can see in the example image shown over these lines, the Visual Form Designer allows you, as the name suggests, to create visually data-entry forms.

These forms can incorporate all kinds of fields: Texts, Comments, Numbers, Dropdown lists, Yes/No, Encodings, Database look-ups, Dates, Hours and Check boxes.

It is also possible to integrate images, use different fonts, colors ...

Designing the data-entry flow

OriGn's Visual Form Designer will allow you not only to create in an entirely visual manner any data entry form, however complex, but also to accurately determine the data entry flow, by using either the Aided Entry-Flow Designer or OriGn-Script, as you prefer.

Thus, agents will only have to worry about keeping a fluent conversation with the contacts, since it will be our program's job to show at all times the next data field to fill, as well as to go back to the previous ones in the right order if need be.

As a result, you will never find empty data that should have been entered, nor, what sometimes is even worse, several mutually exclusive sections filled at the same time by mistake.

The Aided Entry-Flow Designer

Designing a question with OriGn, the computer program for telemarketing.

As you can see in the screenshot above these lines, the Aided Entry-Flow Designer allows you to determine the data-entry flow of sophisticated forms without having to write a single line of code.

Extreme scripting with OriGn-script

If you or your staff have some programming knowledge, nothing will be more useful to you than to release the full power of OriGn through the use of our unique scripting language, OriGn-script, which, being based on a general-purpose programming language (Object Pascal), is only limited by your imagination.  

Additionally, OriGn-script's specialized commands allow users with just some basic programming knowledge or even with none to quickly learn to create extremely sophisticated data-entry flows and, by doing so, optimize to the fullest extent the work of the agents.

This is further facilitated by the fact that OriGn-script's commands can be written both in English and Spanish.

The following image shows a fragment of a script, as an example.

The powerful scripting language of OriGn, the telemarketing program.

But remember: if you prefer not to "program", you just have to use the Aided Entry-Flow Designer.

Sales pitch integration

You can embed, if desired, the sales pitch of the campaign in the data entry form itself, so that agents have a single source of information: OriGn.

Progressive dialing and preview dialing

If you believe, for any reason, that predictive dialing does not meet your needs, OriGn can work in progressive dialing mode; and even in data-preview dialing mode, in case that you want your agents to devote extreme attention to each of the calls to make.

Watch the first video of this page to see how the progressive dialing works in the Agent Desktop.

Predictive dialing

Since in most call centers dedicated to telemarketing it is key to make as many calls as possible, OriGn includes our exclusive Predictive Dialer Server. In the following video you can see how it works.

The operation of the predictive dialing from the point of of view of the agent (in the Agent Desktop) is shown next.

Call blending

The fact that OriGn is one fully integrated application allows operations as amazing as the same group of agents working at once in several outbound campaigns in predictive dialing mode and in several inbound campaigns (call blending).

Complete automation of call retries and follow-up calls

Even when working in predictive-dialing mode, OriGn ensures that the follow-up calls are made on time, either by the same agent or by another one, depending on the configuration you decide in relation to the situation of the contact.

OriGn also handles the call retries you deem necessary, respecting the time slots that you can set and up to a maximum number of retries that you can configure for all the telephone numbers or just for those that have never been reached.

Live contact importation

Evidently, OriGn allows you to import contacts and their data from external sources. What is surprising is that you can do so while the campaign is being carried out by the agents.

This detail will allow you to gain immediacy in contact management with the consequent saving of time.